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Whipjet 41

Age: 17 years old

Size: 16.1 HH

Breed: Warmblood

Color: Bay

Gender: Mare

Status: For Lease Only



"Gourdy" is an aged mare who does not believe she is that age. This girl is ready to go if you are. She is a solid 1.00-1.20M horse. She is a definite speed ride who will win if you are game. She does not need a competent rider, she just needs one who isn't afraid to go out there and zoom around. Jumps clean with a huge stride. Has an easy jump that keeps you in place. She LOVES horse showing.  Her record is 5 miles long with wins all down the east coast. 

She is the top man in the field and does like to be fed first at the home barn. Wears hobbles in the trailer when shipping with other horses.

USEF Number: 5308476

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